Note Reading Boot Camp by David Ewer

Yes, you can instantly recognize any musical note!

Note Reading Boot Camp will show you how!

Before you consider any other music reading course, read on to find out why Note Reading Boot Camp succeeds where other courses fail!

by David Ewer, B. Mus. 

Spring Day Music

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"Thanks for Note Reading Boot Camp. I'm glad I got this book, the explanation in each lesson is so clear and easy to understand."

Teresa in Mississauga

Ask any musician who cannot read music, "If you could learn to read music with reasonable effort, would you?" the answer would be a resounding yes.  Of course. 

Musicians, both amateur and professional like being able to read music.  Musicians highly value musical literacy.

The ability to read and understand words is of course at the top of the list.  Musical literacy is number 2.

Notice that no one ever really questions whether or not it is worthwhile to learn musical literacy.  They just assume it's too hard! Imagine reading music with ease!

It is easy.  Note Reading Boot Camp throws away gimmicks and tricks that just don't work, and instead uses fantastically simple mental processes to train your brain to instantly recognize music notes easily.

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Welcome to Note Reading Boot Camp. You're just 12 lessons away from instant note recognition! Will you learn to read with this course?  Yes you will!  Note Reading Boot Camp is all about putting you on a path to reading music by giving you incredible skills of instant note recognition. This directly downloadable ebook course is designed to give you instantaneous music recognition capability. By the time you have finished this course, you’ll read music with speed and with ease, guaranteed.

My name is David Ewer, and I designed Note Reading Boot Camp to help the incredible numbers of people just like you who have a love of music, but think that it's just too detailed, too complicated, and takes too much time. 

Is note reading complicated? Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are courses that are too hard, needlessly long, and fairly weak.  Usually, they're trying to teach too much at once, and overwhelm the student. Note Reading Boot Camp uses a unique approach that literally ensures that you will meet your musical goals.

"Thank you again for a wonderful note reading challenge."

Emily in Amarillo, Texas

You’re already qualified!
To put your mind at ease, here’s a list of what you don’t need, to complete this course:

1. You need no prior musical experience.
2. You don’t need a musical instrument.
3. You don’t need to know how to play an instrument at all.
4. You don’t need to know about notes, scales, staffs, clefs, and other musical jargon (we’ll teach you what you need to know!)
5. You don’t need to know catch-phrases such as “every good boy does fine”

Attitude is everything!
Don’t worry if your current understanding of music is “a bunch of black dots on paper.” By the time you finish this course, you’ll be able to look at a piece of music, and instantly recognize the notes as if it’s second nature to you.

Also, don’t worry at all that you might be one of “those people” who “don’t get music”. Trust me, you will. 12 Lessons from now!  It is important, though, as with everything, to think positively about your upcoming success in this course. A negative attitude will slow and degrade your progress.

Personally, I haven’t met anyone who I thought had no musical aptitude. But I have met people who were crippled by poor self-image, negative presumptions, lack of drive, too many excuses, etc.

These attitudes are powerfully negative.

It’s far better to assume an attitude that focuses on the reasons why you’ll be a musical success. Frankly, there are not a large number of notes at all. And with a few bits of knowledge that you’re about to acquire, it’s actually quite simple to train your brain to instantly recognize these notes.

"Thank you for the help. All I can tell you is before, I could not play "The Shadow of Your Smile". Now I can."

Bob in Connecticut

About those catch-phrases:
Many of you are aware of helpful hints that aid in recognizing note names. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it!) For example, to recognize the notes that fall on the lines in the treble clef, we know that “Every Good Boy Does Fine”, or “Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge”. Now, if you know these phrases, then you know that when you look at a note on the third line, you understand that it’s… every… good… BOY… B!

How useful is this phrase in instant note recognition? Let me ask you this: do you know that C comes after B in the alphabet because you say “A Big Car”? No. You know it because you know it. I’m sure psychologists and neurologists have technical explanations for how we instantly recognize letters and numbers, but it’s likely wrapped up in our experiences with reading. And when we are reading, we don’t hold a phonetic guide in one hand, and our paperback in another. We don’t look at the word, “the” and think, “press the tongue against the bottom of the front teeth and blow air gently…” We look at “the” and instantly recognize it for what it is. No phonetic gimmicks are required. Experience is required.

Catch phrase gimmicks are great if you don’t read music and find yourself on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and need to say what the top line note in the treble clef is, in order to win a million dollars. But everyone else should go to Note Reading Boot Camp, just like you!

Using phrases as a crutch can be a significant problem where speed is required. And many do not progress beyond the point of the crutch, so they remain stunted in their progress in note-reading. Then they begin to assume that they’re just one of those people who don’t get music.

Instant note recognition is what Note Reading Boot Camp is going to give you. You’ll gain so much experience in note recognition over the next few lessons that you’ll instantly recognize notes without any gimmicks of any kind. You’ll gain the kind of note-reading skill you’ll need to gain real proficiency on your instrument, in songwriting, in music arranging, film scoring – whatever your musical dreams are.

Note Reading Boot Camp is not a magic pill. It’s sit-ups and push-ups… sort of!

Note Reading Boot Camp

is page after page of solid
exercises that really work,

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Isn't there more to music than naming notes?

Yes there is more to music than naming notes.  There's understanding rhythm.  There's key signatures, time signatures, and a host of other topics of music theory.  But that's the problem: many folks pick up an instrument, get themselves a book, maybe a teacher, and start with great gusto.  But then every single thing they try to do with printed music overwhelms them!  And why?  Because they have bitten off more than they can chew.

Just ask any band teacher what 80 percent of their students are doing in a band rehearsal, and you'll get one huge chorus of "They're FAKING it!!" right back in your face.

That's right.  They are faking it.  They zone in on the one musician that has a handle on things, and they simply copy him or her.  It's because they can't read music.  They're supposed to be able to read, but they can't.

And it's no better in pop music bands, choirs, chorales, even orchestras. 

I'm sure you've heard this many times from musicians, some of whom are actually great performers:

"I don't read music"

This is a secret code for:

"I CAN'T read music"

It is entirely likely that at one point in their lives, even briefly, they embarked on the study of reading music, only to find it too complicated, too long, too boring. But the real reason is, it was too overwhelming.

That's why Note Reading Boot Camp is so successful: It strips out rhythm, that other major component of music notation.  That's dealt with in a separate upcoming course, Rhythm Boot Camp.  Note Reading Boot Camp is about... naming notes.  It allows you to get super-proficient at looking at a piece of music and instantly recognizing every note on the page.

Note Reading Boot Camp is truly unique.  It removes the complications from note naming so that you are just note naming.

And that's important because if you add layers of complication you simply drive nails in your musical coffin. 

After Note Reading Boot Camp, you'll be the one who says:

I CAN read music.  And I LIKE it!

About Music Theory:
Music theory is the study of how music works. In order to make meaningful progress in any facet of music, a solid knowledge of music theory is required.

For example, this course makes use of a musical staff, bass and treble clefs, and notes and rhythms of various kinds. These are all topics of music theory. The best music theory course available anywhere is Gary Ewer’s Easy Music Theory, and you can find out all about it at

In fact, has a set of free lessons that will give you the basics of music theory that will be an immense help. Don’t ignore Easy Music Theory. It’s just what you need to round out your music education. And they don’t call it easy for nothing! Go to and click the “Free Lessons” button.

Don’t know if you need music theory? Just send a blank email to, with the phrase, why you need music theory in the subject line, and our autoresponder will send you an informative article.

So, using EMT (Easy Music Theory), if you want to know about:

a. The musical staff (that’s what notes are placed on), go to EMT Lesson 1.
b. The Treble Clef and the Bass Clef, go to EMT Lesson 1.
c. Note names, go to EMT Lesson 2.
d. Half notes, and other assorted notes and rhythms, go to EMT Lesson 4 and 5.
e. Time signatures, go to EMT Lesson 6.
f. Key signatures, go to EMT Lesson 9.

You’ll need to go there, because Note Reading Boot Camp does not teach on these subjects. Note Reading Boot Camp is all about looking at a note on a piece of music paper, and instantly recognizing it.

About your musical instrument:
Let’s make sure we’re clear about this. Note Reading Boot Camp will give you the ability to read and recognize notes. It will not make you an expert on your instrument. You still need to practice, and form those connections between your brain recognizing the note, and then moving your fingers to the right notes. That comes with practice. But many, many musicians are stunted right from the start: they need time to go through the recognition phase, and by the time they know the note, time has flown by, and they are either behind, or lost. Note Reading Boot Camp makes the first step instantaneous: note recognition.

About Note Reading Boot Camp

When you purchase this downloadable 80 page e-book, you'll get 12 powerful lessons that will make you an expert at every aspect of note recognition in both the treble and bass clefs.  And how would you like to be able to look at leger line notes, and instantly know what they are? You'll know this, and a whole lot more, with Note Reading Boot camp.

Get started!

What is it worth, to be able to glance at a piece of music and instantly recognize every note?  I asked myself this question:

What would I take in return for my ability to read music?

Well, it's a no-brainer that I would not give up my ability to read music for $1000.

I would not give up my ability to read music for $10,000.

I also immediately knew that I would not give up my ability to read music for $100,000.

I then asked myself if I would give up my ability to read music for $1,000,000.  And still my answer was no!  It's just too valuable to me!

If you think that's crazy, think again: What would you give up for your ability to read words?

That's right - would you give up your ability to read words if someone offered you $100,000?  Of course you wouldn't.  How about $1,000,000.  I'm certain any thinking person values their literacy at more than $1,000,000. 

What about your musical literacy?  

Thankfully you don't have to worry about paying $1,000,000, or $100,000, or $10,000, or even $1,000 for the ability to scan a piece of music and name notes.

Note Reading Boot Camp is being offered right now for $29.  That's it.  The cost of a cheap restaurant meal (or a third of a tank of gas where I come from!)

It’s time to get moving. Now before you start, make a mental note that you’re doing this to succeed. You’re going to start and then stick with it. If you drop it, don’t get down on yourself. Just pick it up and start again. Just press on.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a school student, a stay-at-home mother, a TV producer, an insurance salesman, a scientist, a doctor, or whatever. While you hold the pencil to do Note Reading Boot camp, you’re a musician. If you’ve decided that you’re going to finish this course no matter what, then you’re about to gain a valuable skill that will serve you your whole life! Good luck!

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